Mechatronics Blog is here to help you! so feel free to structure your post as you prefer. However, we provide here some recommendations that you may find useful to clearly and professionally present your idea and make the community engage with your project.

A summary of your project, shown in the list of projects, includes: a title, a featured image and a excerpt.


Take your time to think about a short but descriptive title. Bear in mind that mechatroners will get interested in your project first, if they find you title appealing.

Featured image

The featured image is shown in the project’s list, choose one that clearly represents your idea, project or goal. Such image would help mechatroners to visually identify projects they find interesting.

The featured image is also used as a background image for your post title, but don’t worry much about this. It will be expanded to fill the whole background title area, so only part of it will be displayed.


Write the tags that better describe your project. Tags are words or compounded nouns that help mechatroners to understand you project. They are not compulsory, but it is recommend to write between 2 and 5 tags. For instance: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, machine learning, Python, 3D printing, servomotor, etc.


This field is not compulsory. If you don’t complete it, the first lines of your post will be used as the excerpt. However, we recommend to summarize your idea in the excerpt, since it is shown in the list of projects.


The content of your idea or post doesn’t have to be static. As you progress in your project, you can edit and update your content according to your progress. Keep this in mind when you write it.

Below, there are some recommendations about how to structure your content. Nevertheless, you will be able to change it as many times as you want. So, you can keep including more details and improving it over time.

  • Include headers.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Proofread and review the writing several times.
  • Check and improve the visual aspect of the whole post.
  • Pay attention to the details to give the best impression.
  • Include relevant URLs to your project. For instance, methodologies, technologies, tools, software, hardware, etc.
  • Clearly state what you want from the community: help, advice, partners, collaborators, feedback, etc.
  • Include only the necessary images to your project and explain them.

A template for the sections in your post would be the following (you don’t need them all, choose those that better suit your needs).

  • Introduction (A brief description of the idea/project)
  • Motivation (Why do you think this is interesting/useful?)
  • Goals (What do you want to solve/achieve?)
  • Problems (Potential issues that would prevent you to reach the goals)
  • Methodology (How are you going to achieve the goals?)
  • Software (Needed software)
  • Hardware (Needed hardware)
  • Team (partners, member, collaborators, etc.)
  • Current state (Present state of the project)
  • Call to action (What do you need from the community?)
  • Updates (Keep your project updated with new findings, requests and results)

Your profile

If you want to show more about you, include a link to your profile at Mechatonics Blog as:<username>, where <username> must be replace by your actual username at Mechatronics Blog.

You can customize and include more information about you, editing your profile.

Spread the word!

Once, you have completed your post and you are happy about it. You can easily share it on social media or by other means. So, interested people can connect and discuss with you in your own comment section.