Are you a Mechatroner?

You probably are but you don’t know yet. If you want to take part, learn and work on projects related to some mechatronics areas: mechanical, electrical, electronics, programming, computing, control and related areas, then I have good news, you are a mechatroner!

What can Mechatronics Blog do for you?

Mechatronics blog has only one mission: help mechatroners. We want to achieve this goal by doing the following.

  1. Help you to showcase your idea and connect with the community

    We offer a place where you can upload your ideas and projects as member posts at Mechatronics Blog. So, you can ask for help, find partners and collaborators, or get feedback from the community. You can also take part on projects from other mechatroners that you find interesting.

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  2. Provide high quality mechatronics tutorials and news

    Mechatronics blog provides regularly news and tutorials about useful techniques, methods and tools for mechatroners: programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, embedded devices and much more. If you are interested in a particular topic, please contact us.

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